Conclusion after 6 months

An hour ago I just finished watching Tedx talk, Why 30 is not the new 20 | Meg Jay, somehow I start thinking what is my life when I was 20s? Did I wasted my 20s? And what had I did when I was 20s? To be honest, beside the 3 years dating my ex, that I have to admit that we are not suitable, we have different point of view, I had tried very hard to change myself and tried to blend with his life, I start thinking is this the life I wanted to live for the rest of my life? Am I satisfied with current situation, I even started to imagine my life when I was 50 year old. I can’t make it and I decided to leave, get out of my comfort zone, and find another path.

After 6 months of preparation, our company website, is finally launched. It’s a hard process, from preparation, building website and create content. During December I’ve been assigned to do content, in a month I gathered about 40 articles, with different writer from around the world, by using my broken English to communicate with people from around the world. It’s really a great experience for me.

I’ve been working as a scriptwriter for five years; since two years ago I started my internship in a digital marketing company; during that time, I have no clue what is that about, but two years later, I can said I understand what is the algorithm means, although I’m not an expert yet, but will keep moving forward. I’m planning to take a digital marketing course, to brush up my skill to gain more knowledge.

If I have never come to Taiwan, most likely I still stuck in my previous life, dreaming about life, keep living in “if” life; “if I make this decision, most likely… “. Jayson told me this decision is hard, but its worth it! This is a big encouragement for me and I’m glad that I did it, the journey is tough; learn to speak, learn to adapt, learn to accept and observe others culture, learn to be socialise, it’s all a great learning process and it’s shape my personalities and become who I am. I think I like myself more than ever, in the future I can see it’s hard or even harder, but I believe God is always with me and always accompany me all this journey, to prepare myself, I don’t know what God want me to be, but for sure is to become a better me.