I think until right now where I almost 30, I think I barely see my dad drink water, but Guinness.

I’m really curious and I tasted ONE single sip I hate it so much! I don’t understand why this had so much attractive for dad?

Since I started my career, social life become part of my job, to gain some connection, especially I work as a freelancer, passing through different people, listen to lame jokes, to be part of this “community”, drinking had become a life; one of my previous employee introduce me draft Guinness.

“Trust me! You will like it, I never introduce you something bad. ~ Tan”

My first cold draught beer happened at 12noon, and I love it! I never ever thought about Guinness can be this tasty, thick and creamy! Many elderly was saying Guinness is good for health, especially for woman. I tried some crazy stuffs like adding 1:1 ratio of Guinness (bottle) and coconut wine Tuba, I saw some people added raw egg with Guinness etc.

When I was in my country, I know where I can get draught beer, Guinness; but staying abroad alone as a young woman I always doubt to let myself drunk and get in danger. I try to hold my desire to drink to have fun, just because I want to be clear minded all the time.

Today I just can’t hold this feeling and I have it again! Draught Guinness it make my day! Hurray!!



It’s after a month of 2017.

What i’m going to accomplish in this 2017?

What is my goal in 2017?

Where am I going after 2017?








What I know is God in good!! He is!! He is always with me, even though I barely pray in this past 2 year, barely go to church! But I know he is always with me! He is waiting for me to turn to him, follow his path with no doubt.

It was really grateful for what I had accomplish in the past year, 2016 was chaotic. It’s really hard, decision keep changing, too many uncertainty.

Going into 2017! I wish to be more close to God, keep listening to him in silent, feel him in me.

In Jesus name, Amen

Family Trip

Two years of study is just like a blink of an eye, graduated as a master student, honesty I don’t think I learn much in the program but I do learn a lot in daily life, to thought me not to be a racist person, think rational, be tolerance, be more grateful, most importantly I learned not to said yes to everyone which that is my weakness all the time.

Also, I need to say God is awesome! He provide me everything that I need, learn to rely on him more, and keep praying.. I have to admit that sometimes I forgot, or I do it just like a homework that I don’t really like it.. The journey in a foreign country is not easy especially I have to deal everything by myself, even though I don’t have language problem but still culture different is a big issues for me here, learn to let go and be chill is the hardest homework for me.

My families were here during my graduation ceremony, I guess they were really exhausted as the picture below, but I do appreciated that they can come over here to visit me after two years. My mom was really worried about me although I keep mentioning Taiwan is one of the Most Safest Country in the world; I have to shoutout loud as it is really safe, a peaceful country!!!

To my families, I do love you a lot, I’m not good in expressing my feeling, but I really love you guys so much. Thanks God who lead me here, I will be keep walking on your path, keep learning and walk in Jesus’s path

Recall Day in Taiwan

It’s been a lot of time I haven’t start writing. I don’t know why since I came to Taiwan, I don’t have the inspiration to write, some people said it’s too comfortable.. maybe.. or maybe not. I’m just too anxious all the time.

Since I moved to Taiwan, I got a bad experience with my roommates, but first I have to clarify that I’m a good roommate and I’m a tolerance person, as for many Asian, our weakness is just hard to say NO to everyone no matter what situation. This is a first lesson that I learnt or is what God want me to overcome my weaknesses, tolerance doesn’t mean to be Yes all the time. Don’t get be wrong, I do have a good time sometimes, and a really nice roommate before when I stay in the dorm. She is a charming, elegant  and independent woman, we share and try to support each other when we have to.

After moved out from the dorm, even though my life had improved, but I pretty much live in poverty, I can’t work under the scholarship, keep writing my thesis while looking for a job. I remember June is my hard time, before that, I try to save as much money that I can when my parents were here to participant my graduation ceremony, half of the scholarship is the rental, another half is for transportation and food.

Few of months later, I got recruited such a good experience for me. After pass thru all this anxiety, even tho right now is not fully stable yet, when I look backwards if this path without God, I dont think I can be perseverance and keep going forward.

God is really great, he had changed my life 180 after I believe in Jesus

Oral Defence Pass

After two years studying in Taiwan, I had finally reach the end of the program. Thank You so much for my thesis advisor for her tolerant on my thesis delay. I admit that I’m a slow learner, but I do work hard, even though sometimes I’m kind of lazy, but well finally I’m done. Thank You Professor Su and Professor Liao who be my committee members and gives me good advises for my paper, I’m really appreciate it!! Professor Liao is an awesome professor, the things he see is way broaden, the advises he gave, he really useful.

I do hope in the future, somehow I can do something to contribute to the society. “We don’t expect to change the world, even just one, that’s fine.” The producer I worked with, she told me this before. I like her personally, but I guess somehow I make her disappointed, in the working place that people name it “forest” somehow too much negative feeling, I give up writing at the end.

During the interview, I always mentioned that I love writing, I’m passionate in writing, but somehow I think I don’t like to write story, fantasy story, maybe I’m not a creative person, probably; but I love writing about what I see what I care, I care about the society, the environment.

Last few days, I just almost try to sent my resume to Amnesty International, regional office in Lebanon, however I’m not qualified as I don’t know Arabian language. Somehow I do hope that I can help a little bit more. I always believe that if everyone try a little more, a little bit harder, everything can be solve.

I remember somehow during our play, I told our director.. I really don’t understand why people give up so easily, negative feeling during work is always happen, but just need to work harder, work to the end, I believe when we see the end result is always beautiful. it’s worth it.

Somehow I feel anxious about my future, but I do believe God is arranging something good for me, I just need to be patience, while waiting the best for me at the right time.