Stop Racism

CIMG0930The think that always come to my mind it, why we need education. I always believe that education lead people to think and to distinguish right and wrong, in Chinese we call it 明辨是非.

After living abroad in overseas for two years, every times I read some news about my own country, I’m thinking is this the country I use to like? is it that dangerous or it had become worst after I left the country? After travel to 13 states in my country, I saw the beauty of the country, I love my country. However, I also know that the political issues in my country had make racism issues become even worst. I always thought that it is just a trick, but why people still belief in those trick?

I remember I met a guy who is going to travel to Kelantan, saying that he is worry of travelling there; it is a Muslim area, but I told him is fine; people are nice, kind. That’s the people I met in personal, it is not suppose to be what we heard from someone else. It wasn’t like what we imagine, in fear.

Today I went to bank with a Peruvian friend, the bank officer told me that my friend doesn’t look like Peruvian. “How does a Peruvian look like?” He asked.

We always categorise people by race, colour. Is that a matter about your skin colour? your race?

My relative always said that we as a Southeast Asia Chinese descendant, we preserve our culture, even stronger than others. Yes, our culture, but somehow we didn’t realise that we also had blend with local culture. That makes us different.

I always believe that misunderstanding always happened when one part doesn’t try to understand or trying to know the others, than conflict happened, racism, discrimination. In the country, we always heard “You, Chinese, go back to China.” we fought back, we are not immigrant, we born here; stay in this place for generations. Read the news after Brexit, same thing happened; “leave the country! Go back to your country!”

Racism happened everywhere around the world. I experienced here, sometimes not the local, but from the same national citizen as mine. “If you think this is unfair, leave this country!” I would said this is sad, somehow I just want to clarify, not judging, and I would said YOU don’t have any clue what I had experienced here in the past year, Stop judging people with Your Mind. Don’t be such a failure thinking everyone should be the same and be such close minded.

Once again, I love my country, and I love meeting different people too.

I love to be Malaysian, and I don’t like politics, I don’t like to be judgemental. Stop racism! Stop to be judgemental. The world is so big.