It’s finally I got the time to watch Moana. It’s for sure one of my favourite movie of all!! It’s portrait a Polynesian woman can trying to make changes, the faith and hope from herself and her villagers.

This remind me when I was working as a scriptwriter for documentary, I went to Borneo to discover different tribe culture to do a series of Traditional wedding documentary. It was tough for a tight budget and been given a really tight schedule. I love documentary as I love culture, so much to learn from the people, it’s inspiring.

Our tribe is different from others culture, we don’t educate woman to be weak, we want them to be strong, same as man. A woman can be as strong as a man but in different aspect!

Moana remind me of this phrase from one of the subject that I interview with.

The tattoo, the costume, the life of people living in an island, each character figure, is so Polynesian, and of course the music; the production focus on small little details of all the character, that makes this movie unique.



Movie day

In the first day of this Chinese New Year holiday, I make up my mind to watch La La Land.  Mainly because it’s been almost a month my Facebook feed is full of review about this movie, secondly because my friend Jun had watched it and told me that I will love this movie for sure, Jazz music yet classic!! I booked the ticket immediately on my first day of holiday!

I thought Taipei will not be crowded as we been told that most of the people will be travelling and most of the shop will be close; but that’s false and yes most of the shop is close but not the big avenue and it is crowded as usual. I got the chance to purchase some clothes right before the movie start, guess what a long queue for ladies fitting room, experience the crazy year end sales in Taipei!!

This movie remind me of a lot of people, or dreamer. Some people just fall in the dream, some keep on moving forward, waiting for the chance to be the spark. Some maybe they are not going to be that person, but some they do.

Especially in the past 5 years I worked as a scriptwriter cum assistance director in film industry, met many people, good directors, producers, front stage and back stage; I do enjoy my work, not only enjoy it but it is also my passion. When I heard young people complaining about their first job or shitty payment, I will told them I been through the worst ever where I still keep on moving forward, the only reason is passion. I love meeting people, listen to many inspiring story, be curious, and to be me. Do I ever regret in life? Maybe thats too young to say but I would say I wish to be more brave, to be myself when I was even younger, dare to dream and accomplish what I wish to be when I was younger. Well, I am who I am.

There is no “If” in life.

Thinking about future


I always been trying to work hard, but however there is a lot of stuffs let me knows that work hard ain’t enough; work smart is the best way in this day.

Back in the past, if you work hard there is a probability that you can become a rich person, the Chinese immigrant back in those day when they migrated, they work whatever they the owner assigned them to do. They believe in someday, they can enjoy their life, they don’t think on their own but the next generation or next next generation.

Born in a traditional family, study abroad not only open up my mind but also had change my mind in a lot of way, at least I do appreciate what I have; learning to speak out my voice is the hardest I guess, I’m so use to write and express my thought through words.

A friend of mine said that I’m passive aggressive, as the same as most of the Asian; especially when i’m drunk or tipsy…..

Start to think about my future life, am I drowning? Recently I have a scare feeling when I think about I need to go to church, meeting people with church member, I’m was so blessing in all, feeling love, feeling courage; just afraid to go to church. I don’t know why.


Number 29


During the winter vacation, back to my home country. Had a small chat with my dad, he asked :”In this world, what number is always increase but never decrease?” I think for a minute but couldn’t figure it out. “Age!” he replied.

I love my dad, but he stay far away from home, is very rare for us to meet up or have time for chat, but overtime we meet up he always inspired me with some short stories. He never stop me on any of my decision; this is very rare for most of the traditional family, especially we are Chinese descendant who live abroad. Born in a traditional family my dad had to hold all the bullshit from his family, he is the only person who is English educated; he do respect me as a person, as long as I am responsible for my own life, never make him worried about me.

Studying abroad, making friends with people from different countries, open up my mind. Now I do understand more about my dad, and why my mom hate him so much. Dad is a selfish person, mom always said that (a stereotype of English educated person or westerner); that’s ain’t true.

Officially turning 29. As an Asian, an age to get EXPIRED soon! “EXPIRED” is embarrassing somehow for most of the asian, but not me. Not ashamed of my age, it is just a number, that shows how much I had explore around and enrich my life experience.

Thank God that I’m here, healthy; smile to face the uncertainty of my future!



April in 2016, I decided to move my blog near instead of using the previous blog. There is a lot of stuffs that I did before where I can’t keep looking backward, I wanted to move on, I hope so. Before that I  use to “forget it, move forward”; but in this two years I do think I had changed, look into myself, even I see myself as a stranger. I believe it is good to express myself.

I remember I watched a video, an elderly said “Stop cares about what people think on you, as they never truly care about you”; I have been spending one third of my life thinking on how people think on me, why don’t I just do what I want to do. As long as I don’t hurt anyone, not doing something harmful to people, to the one I love, I care.

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, or mourning, or crying or pain, for the old order of things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4 (NIV)

I remember He told me forgive about the hurt that harm you, come to my side, He is always just right there, waiting for me.




天时地利人和 是多么的重要啊


聊完觉得好难过 真的好难过
心灵的干枯苦涩 是多么地让人觉得悲哀

为什么我要学这 学那

我用力地转过每一个圈 一个又一个
至少平凡地过着 不如努力地生活着




我住在亚庇市中心,sugar bun是这里的重要指标,指标怎么会是一家店呢?心充满着好奇
Sunday Market人山人海的景象,到处都是当地人的手工饰品,带有这里独有的文化图腾






好温馨  也好怀念
新的一年  为自己设定一个短暂的目标