It’s finally I got the time to watch Moana. It’s for sure one of my favourite movie of all!! It’s portrait a Polynesian woman can trying to make changes, the faith and hope from herself and her villagers.

This remind me when I was working as a scriptwriter for documentary, I went to Borneo to discover different tribe culture to do a series of Traditional wedding documentary. It was tough for a tight budget and been given a really tight schedule. I love documentary as I love culture, so much to learn from the people, it’s inspiring.

Our tribe is different from others culture, we don’t educate woman to be weak, we want them to be strong, same as man. A woman can be as strong as a man but in different aspect!

Moana remind me of this phrase from one of the subject that I interview with.

The tattoo, the costume, the life of people living in an island, each character figure, is so Polynesian, and of course the music; the production focus on small little details of all the character, that makes this movie unique.



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