I think until right now where I almost 30, I think I barely see my dad drink water, but Guinness.

I’m really curious and I tasted ONE single sip I hate it so much! I don’t understand why this had so much attractive for dad?

Since I started my career, social life become part of my job, to gain some connection, especially I work as a freelancer, passing through different people, listen to lame jokes, to be part of this “community”, drinking had become a life; one of my previous employee introduce me draft Guinness.

“Trust me! You will like it, I never introduce you something bad. ~ Tan”

My first cold draught beer happened at 12noon, and I love it! I never ever thought about Guinness can be this tasty, thick and creamy! Many elderly was saying Guinness is good for health, especially for woman. I tried some crazy stuffs like adding 1:1 ratio of Guinness (bottle) and coconut wine Tuba, I saw some people added raw egg with Guinness etc.

When I was in my country, I know where I can get draught beer, Guinness; but staying abroad alone as a young woman I always doubt to let myself drunk and get in danger. I try to hold my desire to drink to have fun, just because I want to be clear minded all the time.

Today I just can’t hold this feeling and I have it again! Draught Guinness it make my day! Hurray!!


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