Movie day

In the first day of this Chinese New Year holiday, I make up my mind to watch La La Land.  Mainly because it’s been almost a month my Facebook feed is full of review about this movie, secondly because my friend Jun had watched it and told me that I will love this movie for sure, Jazz music yet classic!! I booked the ticket immediately on my first day of holiday!

I thought Taipei will not be crowded as we been told that most of the people will be travelling and most of the shop will be close; but that’s false and yes most of the shop is close but not the big avenue and it is crowded as usual. I got the chance to purchase some clothes right before the movie start, guess what a long queue for ladies fitting room, experience the crazy year end sales in Taipei!!

This movie remind me of a lot of people, or dreamer. Some people just fall in the dream, some keep on moving forward, waiting for the chance to be the spark. Some maybe they are not going to be that person, but some they do.

Especially in the past 5 years I worked as a scriptwriter cum assistance director in film industry, met many people, good directors, producers, front stage and back stage; I do enjoy my work, not only enjoy it but it is also my passion. When I heard young people complaining about their first job or shitty payment, I will told them I been through the worst ever where I still keep on moving forward, the only reason is passion. I love meeting people, listen to many inspiring story, be curious, and to be me. Do I ever regret in life? Maybe thats too young to say but I would say I wish to be more brave, to be myself when I was even younger, dare to dream and accomplish what I wish to be when I was younger. Well, I am who I am.

There is no “If” in life.


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