Family Trip

Two years of study is just like a blink of an eye, graduated as a master student, honesty I don’t think I learn much in the program but I do learn a lot in daily life, to thought me not to be a racist person, think rational, be tolerance, be more grateful, most importantly I learned not to said yes to everyone which that is my weakness all the time.

Also, I need to say God is awesome! He provide me everything that I need, learn to rely on him more, and keep praying.. I have to admit that sometimes I forgot, or I do it just like a homework that I don’t really like it.. The journey in a foreign country is not easy especially I have to deal everything by myself, even though I don’t have language problem but still culture different is a big issues for me here, learn to let go and be chill is the hardest homework for me.

My families were here during my graduation ceremony, I guess they were really exhausted as the picture below, but I do appreciated that they can come over here to visit me after two years. My mom was really worried about me although I keep mentioning Taiwan is one of the Most Safest Country in the world; I have to shoutout loud as it is really safe, a peaceful country!!!

To my families, I do love you a lot, I’m not good in expressing my feeling, but I really love you guys so much. Thanks God who lead me here, I will be keep walking on your path, keep learning and walk in Jesus’s path


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