Recall Day in Taiwan

It’s been a lot of time I haven’t start writing. I don’t know why since I came to Taiwan, I don’t have the inspiration to write, some people said it’s too comfortable.. maybe.. or maybe not. I’m just too anxious all the time.

Since I moved to Taiwan, I got a bad experience with my roommates, but first I have to clarify that I’m a good roommate and I’m a tolerance person, as for many Asian, our weakness is just hard to say NO to everyone no matter what situation. This is a first lesson that I learnt or is what God want me to overcome my weaknesses, tolerance doesn’t mean to be Yes all the time. Don’t get be wrong, I do have a good time sometimes, and a really nice roommate before when I stay in the dorm. She is a charming, elegant  and independent woman, we share and try to support each other when we have to.

After moved out from the dorm, even though my life had improved, but I pretty much live in poverty, I can’t work under the scholarship, keep writing my thesis while looking for a job. I remember June is my hard time, before that, I try to save as much money that I can when my parents were here to participant my graduation ceremony, half of the scholarship is the rental, another half is for transportation and food.

Few of months later, I got recruited such a good experience for me. After pass thru all this anxiety, even tho right now is not fully stable yet, when I look backwards if this path without God, I dont think I can be perseverance and keep going forward.

God is really great, he had changed my life 180 after I believe in Jesus


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