Simple Life

I always try to be tough in front of everyone where I started to have memory from childhood. I can’t be weak or else I’ll get bully from my brother, or I will get scold from mom. I always doubted why my parents bring me here since they hate me so much? Why I born as a daughter?

I always wonder to leave home or suicide when I was a kid, thats happened to me continuously until I grown up, always from home.

I can make my own decision. This is my Life.

Right now I stay abroad, where my dream come true where finally I can away from home, some people here saying that I’m a positive person, but in my heart I’m doubting? Am I real positive? I’m really Fragile, there is some nights I can’t even sleep, keep crying until the next morning. I remember one of my teacher said,

a person who are not willing to wake up in the morning is because they are not ready to have a new day.

Yes, I do admit that, I just pretending, keep pretending to stand strong and firm. I told my mom don’t give me stress, I just can’t hold those stress and bullshit from family anymore. I just want to live in a simple life, live happily. Just as simple as that.


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