Finally Settle down at the current moment

Daphne has a job~ Daphne has a job~ Recently, this is the phrases my friend sing it to me, to celebrate I got a new job. Yes, I started a new career, compare from the previous job as a scriptwriter and assistant director, this is a new life for me.. It’s not that I don’t like my previous work, I still love it, but I wanted to learn others stuffs, I don’t know what I’m gonna be in the future, but so far still enjoying what I’m doing..

Recently, I notice I do complain too much. Kind of.. and again, I start doubted is this a career that God leading me? I really don’t know. I feel anxious after two weeks working, is not because I can’t handle it, it’s done pretty well so far, in this project run well, it’s gonna give a credit in my future thats for sure.

Now, I started to think, where should I stand for? How can do more for helps? My friend who  is an environmental economist, he does care about environment and all those stuffs, but in real life, does he leave like those environmentalist? I doubted.. As he said no matter what, the real situation of this earth can’t be change.

So what I wanna be in the future? I doubted.


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