Oral Defence Pass

After two years studying in Taiwan, I had finally reach the end of the program. Thank You so much for my thesis advisor for her tolerant on my thesis delay. I admit that I’m a slow learner, but I do work hard, even though sometimes I’m kind of lazy, but well finally I’m done. Thank You Professor Su and Professor Liao who be my committee members and gives me good advises for my paper, I’m really appreciate it!! Professor Liao is an awesome professor, the things he see is way broaden, the advises he gave, he really useful.

I do hope in the future, somehow I can do something to contribute to the society. “We don’t expect to change the world, even just one, that’s fine.” The producer I worked with, she told me this before. I like her personally, but I guess somehow I make her disappointed, in the working place that people name it “forest” somehow too much negative feeling, I give up writing at the end.

During the interview, I always mentioned that I love writing, I’m passionate in writing, but somehow I think I don’t like to write story, fantasy story, maybe I’m not a creative person, probably; but I love writing about what I see what I care, I care about the society, the environment.

Last few days, I just almost try to sent my resume to Amnesty International, regional office in Lebanon, however I’m not qualified as I don’t know Arabian language. Somehow I do hope that I can help a little bit more. I always believe that if everyone try a little more, a little bit harder, everything can be solve.

I remember somehow during our play, I told our director.. I really don’t understand why people give up so easily, negative feeling during work is always happen, but just need to work harder, work to the end, I believe when we see the end result is always beautiful. it’s worth it.

Somehow I feel anxious about my future, but I do believe God is arranging something good for me, I just need to be patience, while waiting the best for me at the right time.


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