Mother Nature

El Gamma’s Touching Tribute To Mother Nature (Youtube video, highly recommended to watch it!!)

Recently there are more and more people discuss about environment, pollution, El nino etc; meeting some friends who work in NGOs, trey are trying to preserve the ocean, doing campaign to save the coral here in Taiwan, pretty much they meet every month to know about what’s going on right here.. I’m start thinking how many people are there do really cares about it? People talk about it, discuss about it, but are we trying to do something to decrease the changes? or trying to save the environment? how many people are they do care about it?

Yesterday watched a Youtube video where it touch my heart. El Gamma, a dance group from Philippines performing shadow theatre; telling different kind of stories, create awareness. The best performance for me is “Mother Tribute”, El Gamma ; this performance was great!

Study in one of the top Arts university here in Taiwan, we went to a lot of performance, watching different kind of theatre, dance performance, recital, music performance, arts exhibition; but unfortunately none of it actually do touch my heart; don’t get me wrong, those performance are good, but El Gamma, they are doing a great job, a three minutes shadow theatre performance in Asia’s Got Talent competition, not only showing their talent, but telling people they care, and we should care more about it.

Recently, decided to quit the current job, why? Every time when I decided to leave, I will think a reason why should I leave; but this time I think in an opposite way, why should I stay? Do I learn anything? Do they really need me here? In this profession, what can I contribute to the world or the society? what is my value here?

I’m doubt about it, so I decided to leave.


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