Number 29


During the winter vacation, back to my home country. Had a small chat with my dad, he asked :”In this world, what number is always increase but never decrease?” I think for a minute but couldn’t figure it out. “Age!” he replied.

I love my dad, but he stay far away from home, is very rare for us to meet up or have time for chat, but overtime we meet up he always inspired me with some short stories. He never stop me on any of my decision; this is very rare for most of the traditional family, especially we are Chinese descendant who live abroad. Born in a traditional family my dad had to hold all the bullshit from his family, he is the only person who is English educated; he do respect me as a person, as long as I am responsible for my own life, never make him worried about me.

Studying abroad, making friends with people from different countries, open up my mind. Now I do understand more about my dad, and why my mom hate him so much. Dad is a selfish person, mom always said that (a stereotype of English educated person or westerner); that’s ain’t true.

Officially turning 29. As an Asian, an age to get EXPIRED soon! “EXPIRED” is embarrassing somehow for most of the asian, but not me. Not ashamed of my age, it is just a number, that shows how much I had explore around and enrich my life experience.

Thank God that I’m here, healthy; smile to face the uncertainty of my future!


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