I knew

What a tiring weeks, rushing for pre-oral defence, I knew I didn’t much preparation, and a lots of stuffs is a little bit last minute settle, it’s went well. I really wanted to thanks to my friends who support me here and of course professors and office assistance that is kind for me, giving me a chance to do my defence. I knew I can make it way even better, I need t brush up my English, improve my English, and confident talking in front of people. Lacking of confident and standing in front of people is always makes me nervous, I have to overcome all the nervous to make it better. Is embarrass to say that, is almost 30, I’m still lack of confident speaking in front of people. Life’s is still goes on. And I have to said I had pass my pre-oral defence, and I have to rush to finish the another three chapters. Hopes I can do it faster.

Besides of pre-oral, I did sent out my resume hopes can get an offer before I graduate. Been trying to get interview in couple of companies, introducing myself and my knowledge to employers. Look back on what I am before, and now I’m standing here as a foreigner, I had step forward and walking faster. I really can’t imagine what my life is if I’m not here.

I knew I can be better, I knew I won’t be just here.

Thank You Lord give me strength and bring me here, without you, I can’t be what I am right now. I do love myself more compare to before.



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