Jokes in the hospital

IMG_0640Seek for a dermatologist today. Been to that hospital twice it’s always came out with funny joke.

Last week, I accompanied my friend went to the hospital, he is a Peruvian Asian looking guy; the reception asked “Peruvian usually speak in English or Japanese?” I hold my laugh and answer Spanish. ==”, I don’t speak Spanish and we are speaking in English

This morning, I told the receptionist I’m looking for dermatologist department as I have skin allergic for couple of days. Even though I’m wearing a mask and hat trying to cover up my face, but the receptionist still can see my skin, her expression was “Wah!” pointing on my face with shocked. I knew my skin is horrible but don’t need to be that big expression, I know she doesn’t mean it, but it’s kind funny.

Well, doctor said it’s cream allergic from the cream that I use most of the time, I’m glad that after taking pills and the cream that she gave, my face start recovering, that’s a good symptom. It’s recovering soon.. Yei~^^


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