A day without sleep, it’s tiring and less concentration. Somehow I don’t know this type of weather actually it will harm my skin where my face become super itchy, dry, painful and swallow. Keep waking up all night.

I don’t like to go out with mask and hat; hat actually is fine but not with mask, covering my face and avoid people look at me seem like I’m a monster. If this happen in my country, people will come forward and ask what happen to you and without judgement, unfortunately this is not the place.

Hope tomorrow my face will become better. I do believe it will be better.

I sleep to late recently, I wanted to have a normal daily routine, sleep early and wake up early, but too much distraction, usually at night my brain start working, functioning really well. Oh man, give back my normal life, normal routine.

P/s: I’m not complaining, I’m just telling myself to do it.


4 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. When you can’t sleep, change your sleeping position. It might help some times. Try waking up earlier in the morning, and avoid taking naps in the afternoon. Eventually your body will be needing the sleeps it is missing.
    Apply more lotion to your skins, it will help.


  2. I too have suffered from lack of sleep. Something that works for me is having a routine. This includes turning my lights down slightly every half hour before bed. Wish you well!


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