Finally I decided to said it, the word from the bottom of my heart where I can’t hold that anymore. I wanted to be me myself not from a mirror where what people what me to do. Life is too short to think about others where actually at the end no one will really think about you, to me myself.

Whatever that care about you, for your own good; I do know that but is it that’s what I want, I’m not a toy nor a soft toy, an adult that I’m willing to walk in God’s path.

I don’t feel it is right, I had did a lot of things which abandoned myself, it is too cruel for myself, it’s hurting my feeling all the time.

However, you never notice that, as I’m always pretending, you never notice that either.
Standing in front of you, I’m not myself, the person you know about me, is not the real of me.

I want to be myself, to love to be love. To love myself more. Be like me.



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