Give up


After five years of working, it’s time for me to think what type of life I want? I remember my dad told me a story about a guy who loves fishing, the message is decide your life.
This story always remind myself when doing a decision.
I always notice people around me whereas after graduated, get a high pay job, marriage with the loves, buy a house, build a family, have children, etc. I don’t understand that what else can I do besides this to makes my life more meaningful, instead of keeps repeating my life and be an ordinary life in this society.
Five years of working, I’m still an ordinary scriptwriter and a part time violin coach. I spent most of my money in learning, upgrading my personal skill, master up my personality. I tried lots of things where mostly people don’t in my ages.
I’m afraid of changing, I think maybe everyone is, but yet I still decide to walk a step forward, hopefully I’m able to be someone special.

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